Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How do Hounds Travel through time?

When our dog looks at me I know he has been time traveling all day.  He goes into his time machine and traverses the wormholes of our reality.  Hendrix is playing as his small arms kick through the walls of our top story apartment and out into the world.  When I look into his eyes I know his thirst has been quenched on the James River with the chief of the Cherokee Indians.  He has sat with Siddhattha Gotama as he faced all the devils of the underworld and watched the blossoming of the Buddha.  He travels forward in time to enjoy dog treats with the ambassador of aliens and is revered as a GOD.  He then travels home to our apartment just in time to sit by the door and wag what little tail he has to see me and my girlfriend.  As I look into his eyes and say "What have you been doing all day IVAN!" I already know the answer.  "I've been traveling throughout time,  I saw the birth of man today, and I almost got caught with a nasty arrow, but do not worry I made it back so you can take me outside!"  There no time like the present to get a doggie bag and pick up his presents.